I am the seagull

This is so friggin weird.

Over the last month, I've been going to rehersals of ART's latest production: Anton Chekhov's The Seagull. My Mom purchased this package at auction where she and a friend (or son) could go see the process from start to finish of staging this brand new translation. For those who don't know, the play takes its name from a scene where the young male lead kills a gull for no reason and gives it to the girl he loves. Note to self: Girls don't like dead birds.

For me, this whole process has been fascinating and has reinvigorated me with the love of theater (re?) I had in high school. It's been a bigger help that I've befriended the director Jon Kretzu, who is a little nuts and a lot of fun.

What I'm building up to here is this: The play opened Friday night and I went to see it. And here, Sunday morning there is a dead seagull that has apparently just fallen out of the sky and landed in my work parking lot.


It's easy to forget how light birds must be. This gull looked so solid just lying there, almost like it was glued to the ground or weighed down as if all organs and muscles turn to lead in death. But when I picked it up (most companies don't like dead things in their parking lots. Discourages spending.) it was so light I dropped it out of shock. I obviously had my American Beauty moment taking pictures of it. Who am I to let that bizzare coincidence pass?

You know, this brings to mind an incident from last summer where I chanced upon a number of smaller bird corpses along Legacy Hospital in NW. There were four of them within a block, similarly dead with no sign as to why. Is this a bad sign for industrial air quality? I though bird flu was limited to the land dwelling avians, but perhaps... Let's not think of it.

Thank you for reading.



This is not the Nerf of my youth. Foam warfare has attained a perfect form in the N-Strike Maverick 6-shot pistol. These foam missles of doom fire far and true. The gun (amazingly void of too many tacky neon colors) feels like it will actually endure multiple aggressive exchanges where combatants pull violently on the cocking mechanism (hmmm... that sounded less perverted in my head). My only regret is that it doesn't have twelve shots, but then I suppose that's why you buy two, isn't it?

I was prompted to buy a dueling pair of these pistols after reading about them on my favorite comic. About a year ago, Katie and I bought two foam swords at Finnegans Toy Store and we fenced the entire way home - even on the Streetcar and while walking/running down NW 23rd. What can I say? We're total dorks. Remind me to show you a picture of our curio full of He-Man and Star Wars toys.

Anyway, just thought you'd want to know I can still have fun.

Thank you for reading.


Froo Years

There is something to be said for the power we all have to make something a big deal when we want to. New Years is becoming an occasion where I insist I be having insane amounts of fun. That doesn't necessarily mean a lot of planning or elaborate parties, it means having an attitude for adventure. I rang in 2006 with two good friends and two new good friends in San Francisco (where, incidentally, I left my heart and some puke on someone's bathroom). If you have not had the pleasure of S.F.'s company, I suggest you make a call. This was actually my first time staying IN the city and being able to spend a few days walking her streets and buroughs laid plain her charm. From the quaint smutteries around my hostel to the only good coffee shop I had time to chance upon off Haight (where they were playing "The Thermals" I might add) I could have just eaten up the beauty like clam chowder in a bread bowl - which I did as well.

There are few actual "moments" to relay from the trip and many of those are not fit for print. But it is no small thing to say that after three long days and nights together with the same four people did nothing but make me love them each more. Everyone had something to contribute to the group. From Dan's many Australian eccentricities and catch phrases to Russ' female escapades to my own drunken boorishness, it was good things all around.

Of all places, we rang in the new year in a Rogue pub. Yes, I went all the way to San Francisco to drink at a Rogue pub. Our evening had taken a downward turn and I was anxious to find something comfortable. And by comfortable, I mean dark. The power had somehow gone out in the afternoon (only at the Rogue, mind you) and was not able to be restored. So the waitressess carried around flashlights and poured insanely generous shots of liquor, as that and bottled beer was all they could sell. Yes, I went all the way to San Francisco to drink bottled Rogue beer. I am a very silly man.

I also had occasion to see my oldest friend on this earth. That is not to say he is my best friend, but I have literally known him since he sprang from the womb. Regardless of how different we become in this life, we will always share a bond worth having a few pints over. He lives in S.F. and does some manner of investing. He will be very rich and I basically keep his acquaintence in the hope that when I go broke he will lend me money.

We had ice cream at Ghirardelli, were this asian man could not have been more excited to bring us our enormous sundaes in success. Seriously, HE was more excited about them then we were. He's probably more excited about sundaes than three-year-olds and I think we ALL remember how fucking exciting a sundae bigger than your head was at the age of three. Later that night, I think we met his sister at the Chinese restaurant we ate at. Slightly less excited, but good fun. Good food too.

I think I will end by saying something to the fine fellows with whom I shared one of the best weekends of my life.

Russ: You're such a prick. And next time, aim for the toilet.
Dan: If there ever comes a time that you are NOT hungry, I will shoot myself. I miss you already
Ethan; I'm glad you are there to point out all that is important with your emotionless, robotic heart and finger.
Cara: A woman whose libido can keep up with four young men... your face should be on currency.

Thank you for reading.