I want to have less meaning

Hmm. Where to begin.

It's been an odd month, which perhaps explains why I haven't written. I've meant to. I meant to say how I saw Neil Gaiman read from his latest novel and how magical hearing him speak was. He is man who exists to tell stories - captivating ones that, as he would like it said, "say true things." His charisma and ease in his own skin are the kinds of qualities that should be held by all great movers of men. It was a wonderful moment that would not be sullied by waiting an hour and a half for an autograph.

I meant to tell you of my trip to Bend - the second weekend of the month that I have given to my employer. I was there working a home show with poor attendance where I was only 60 percent needed. Had it been a four-night trip, it would have been better. Six-nights, as it was, stretched a little long. I compensated by eating some delicious and outrageously priced meals on the company dime. Yes, waiter, I'll have some of that scotch I see on the bar with "15" blaring out at me. Mmmm. Expensive scotch.

My excitement over halloween was high going into October, but now I find I haven't carved a pumpkin or planned any elaborate costume. Somewhere along the line, my resolve broke. I hope to do better by myself for New Years - and if Russ has anything to say about it, I will - but in general my mood is low for both reasons of season and emotion. I never thought myself too susceptible to dramatic mood swings that follow the cloud cover and moisture content of my atmosphere, but I have been bouncing rather from pole to pole as each day decides what exactly it will be. In that regard, there is no finer place than Bend for consistently gorgeous weather. I meant to tell you about the way the sun cradled between south and middle sister as it set punctually 6 marking the progression of 70 degree days into below freezing nights of crystal clarity.

I didn't mean to write this. But being in my head for too long is never a good idea and I don't want to have to continue and look back at things I meant to do.

Thank you for reading.