I even post my posts late.

(The following was written on Dec. 15 and my lazy ass is only now getting around to posting it)

As my good friend Parrish pointed out, it's been over a month since I posted anything. Don't I feel sheepish! Well, time does fly and all that. But, really. Sorry. SORRY!

I was actually looking through stuff on my computer literally yesterday to find an entry I had started when I was away from ye olde Intronet and never got around to finishing/uploading. It was mostly about my realization that Elmer's Glue is Ejaculate. So I don't think you were missing out on much.

Winter is cold. I love it. Though I wish I hadn't lost my hobo gloves. I lost my red hat too. I'd get sentimental, but the only thing that bugs me is shelling out another $15 bucks for a pair of gloves. They were such nice gloves...

Yesterday I discovered the greatest movie theatre in Portland: The St. Johns Theatre and Pub. It's right in downtown St. Johns and shows first-run movies for a mere $6. AND they serve beer. I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia (mediocre) with some friends and talked the shop keep into giving me the "Family Beer Combo" (which I invented on the spot) - basically consisting of me getting a jumbo popcorn for $2 with the purchase of two beers (that were going to be purchased anyway). My allegiance is firmly set and I will not be found going to another theatre to see any movie they are currently showing. Really, Portland is a treasure trove of independent theatres. I am now making it my goal to see a movie at ALL of them. Yes that's right. ALL OF THEM! I'll make you a list to monitor my progress and perhaps... join along?

My roommate and I are throwing our second party on Friday: Chrismukkah. I will only say this: Fuck YEAH! The O.C. is my church. I know I am crazy. I know this. I also know I don't care. Because I made a goddamn yamiclaus!

Writing "goddamn" just then keyed me into an odd hypocrisy: I think dammit should be spelled as I wrote it, rather than "damnit." Yet "goddamn" warrants an "n". Why?WHY?

I am making a slideshow/video/thing for the year-end meeting at work. Currently I'm in the "gathering" phase. I have rarely known such joy as when seeing pictures of these people in their youth completely disconnected from the age-worn individuals I know in context of George Morlan Plumbing. It preys on the worst of my voyeuristic impulses. Love. This project is a strange thing that has fallen in my lap, but I am trying to roll with it and learn the art of videography/editing. I'm a bit skittish about it, but it's also a lot of fun. Perhaps I could do this all the time rather than selling toilets...

-Thank you for reading.