First learn balance, then learn fly

Bits of good and bad news have come across my desk lately. In the positive pile, The Roomie just landed a new job that sounds totally up her alley. But even if it was less than perfect, it would be better than the job she has progressively increased her bitch quotient about in the 2+ years I've known her.

In the bummer basket, I got an unfortunate piece of news from a close friend that does not warrant being repeated here or anywhere else for that matter. Let it just be said that I am doing my best to lighten his spirits.

I can sense the Summer of Mason coming to a close. I will be finishing the Belize Video likely within the week (finally). So what happens now? I'm very aware that financially it has allowed me to be very liberated this summer. But more so, it was a mental comfort. Whenever I was goofing off, I was thinking in my head: "It's ok, though, I'm working on The Video." While I have made certain small steps toward being able to continue in this line of work, there is a lot more that needs to be done before I can take it seriously. I've already had some very eye-opening meetings with some people on the professional level, and what these have made me realise is that I have a lot to learn before I can work at that level. There is a quality of product that I can deliver on my own, and that quality may suit many people's needs. But there is a very distinct line between that product and a professional product.

So, where I'm really setting my goals, in this regard, are to conect with some people that know more about it. I'd love to get a job working with a company to produce films/commercials/whathaveyou and fill in the gaps that I know nothing about. First, there is a completely different language spoken by these people. I was just sitting next to a few of them at Stumptown and I would have eavesdropped, had I been able to penetrate their jargon. But let me just say, if you know anyone...

I recently took a second look at the "novel" I started writing during national novel writing month last year, and you know, I kinda liked what I'd written. So I'm getting back into that, if only because it's fun. My whole approach was to just make it up as I go along until something starts to gel. And that's worked so far, but I know that the only things I enjoy reading have a sense of purpose, even when they seem completely random. My decision to read anything is putting faith in the author that I will be rewarded for following the path they have laid down. That I will be going somewhere. I would like to do the same for my fictitious readers.

And with that...

-Thank you for reading.


pimp my web

Finally, it's there. Here. Whatever.

Check out my web site! It's very orange. I like it. Do you like it? Let me know.

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So, if you haven't gone to check out English, Baby! yet, this is what you're missing:

Mason: Alright, so I’ll fess up to this. I was watching Entertainment Tonight the other night and I heard that Britney and Kevin stayed in separate hotel rooms on their recent trip to Florida.

Amanda: Okay.

Mason: So there’s all this speculation now, maybe is the divorce coming on?

Amanda: But you know, they have been living in separate quarters...

Mason: What?

Amanda: ...in their own home.

Mason: No!

Amanda: Right.

Mason: Well, he maybe snores.

Amanda: Mmm, maybe.

Mason: He could be a log-sawer.

Amanda: But supposedly she’s on the main floor and he is in the basement.

Mason: [laughs]. In the basement!

Amanda: So, there’s that plus the separate hotels. So who knows?

Mason: Well, he’s always been a kept man. He’s always been a kept man, come on!

Amanda: [laughs].

Mason: I mean, there’s always been that thing. It’s like what does he do? He does nothing, he sits there and mooches off of Britney.

Amanda: Yes.

Mason: So, like, if she’s finally, you know, if the two brain cells that she has have, like, clicked, and she’s realized what he’s doing, you think she’s justified in kicking him out?

Now, imagine listening to that. Oh yeah.

-Thank you for reading.