I call her "Doris"

Seriously, don't you wish you were in Belize right now?

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I've been meaning to put this up for a month

This is the greatest birthday card ever given or received.

I opened this and did a little happy dance for my roommate to see.

Then I opened it and saw this...


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P.S. I leave for Belize tomorrow. While I think there will be internet there, I'm not planning on blogging of my adventures. The point of going is to chronical the whole thing, but I think I may keep it more private until it gets sorted out.


You'd better Belize it!

I'm not a Godly kind of man. I've got friends on that team and they've made it clear they'd love to have me. As it stands, they get me if Vegas gets smitten. I figured after New Orleans, I couldn't argue against a second den of inquity being struck by hard times. But I gotta say, after the bizzare coincidental events of my last few weeks, they may get me anyway.

Let's recap: I quit my job without having anything better to do. My girlfriend breaks up with me out of the blue (more or less). So what happens then? I get a free trip to Belize for two weeks.


Yeah. You may remember I was doing a video for a friend of my mother's who published this book. Well I did it and it's been very sucessful so far. Well, since that has happened, Teri and her husband have invested in a diving resort in Belize. Because that is the logical thing to do, of course.

And they figure I should make a video to promote the resort.

So they're taking me to Belize for two weeks.

Makes perfect sense, right? I may bring a copy of the Old Testament on my trip. I leave the 11th and I'll try and keep this blog updated with my adventures. The purpose of the whole trip is to document everything, so I don't think it'll be too much trouble.


Fucking nuts.

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