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One of my favorite friends, Angel, has started a web-comic that she updates most weekdays. You should check it out. This one is my favorite. www.brokenspectacles.com

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I'm Lost.

So, I'm trying to make sense of last night's LOST. Feel free and weigh in. Obviously, don't read this if you don't watch the show or haven't seen the finale.

Michael - harpooned, grenaded
Looking Glass Lesbians - shot
Tom - shot in cold blood by Sawyer
Beach raiding party - Dynamited, Volkswagoned
Dude who doesn't age - Still not old. Bound to play a role next season.
Ben - beat up, crazy, but maybe not completely so?

Charlie - drowned, rather unjustly. Must have a better project going on or wanted to go out with dignity.
Kate - Probably pregnant. Wears too much makeup in the future.
Hurley - Convicted of vehicular homicide, dude
Sayid - Badass. Did you see him snap that guys neck with his feet? Yeah.
Desmond - Not dead. In love with Penny. (Remember WAY back at the end of Season 2 when they brought her whole search thing into the story? Funny how it took a WHOLE SEASON to get back to that)
Claire - Still adorable.
Bernard - Not dead. Just means we'll forget about him for another 10 episodes and bring him back to do something stupid.
Sun - Pregnant. Waiting for her baby to kill her.
Jin - Can't hit stable dynamite but has no problem shooting people with guns.
Jack - Losing it. Terrible future beard.

Locke - Back on the Zealous track. Apparently invincible.
Juliet - Hot.
Russo - Looks like ET.
Penny - Desmond could have done better.
Jacob - Still invisible. Possibly manifesting as Walt?

What does "Walt's" return mean for Michael?
Who the fuck is Jacob?
How is the shit going to go down between Locke and Ben?
Will the Others and The Survivors unite against a common threat?
How did Russo not die when she had her baby?
Didn't Penny get a location on the island back when the hatch exploded?
What the fuck purpose did the hatch serve to keep the island from exploding if it doesn't exist anymore and things are fine?
Remember those weird numbers? Yeah... why were they important?
Polar Bear?
Why can Desmond see the future? It was set up like he had lived through everything already, but that was up to the point where the hatch exploded... time travel?
Why did they waste an entire episode burying that stupid couple they introduced at the beginning of the season alive?
Who died in the future? Does it even matter?


I have a Daemon, but is it the right one for me?

If you don't know about the Golden Compass, get with it. If you do, rate my daemon, Artemis.

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