Bigger is better

This weekend was The Tri-Move and it was pretty hectic. Katie, my roommate since... what, 2004? Yeah. Late '04. Anyway, she has finally left me for the other man in her life, her boyfriend of 2+ years. Let the record show I had her first! Not in that way, of course.

As I reflect on our time together, I think both she and I will realize that we still know very little about the other person. It wasn't all that long ago that I learned she was obsessed with French Noir films during high school. Ours was not a relationship of minute details. On some trivial game show where we would be partnered and asked to recount facts for one anothers' pasts, we would fail. But were that game show to enquire what we would do in certain situations, we would be aces. I feel I know Katie's character. The essence. And I feel she understands me likewise. It's people who get that sort of thing that have the lasting friendships, because the wind may blow the sail this and that way, but the mast stays put.

The best thing that has come of Katie's departure is that I have claimed my rightful place in the big room. I'd have never admited it to her while she was here, but I deserved the big room - especially once I started working from home. Katie may have paid rent, but she barely lived here. One of her most awe-inspiring traits is her ability to be constantly doing shit. And so, her room here was little more than a place to keep her bed for when she actually chose to use it. I, on the other hand, am a homebody and could have used a more spacious command center.

Now that I have The Big Room, I am surprised by how much better it actually is. I thought I'd built up its importance in my mind, but no. It's really that good. I have my bed at at an angle. An angle! It's so luxurious. Though I need something to keep my pillows from falling behind the bed...

My new roommate, Nick, seems a fine sort. This morning, we woke up at roughly the same time and had coffee together. This is one of the small roommate pleasures I was denied by Katie, her demanding schedule requiring every minute of her time be streaminled for maximum life-living and minimum coffee drinking. It goes without saying that Nick and I will have to work out some unforseen bumps, but I've just got a good feeling about it. The man likes Deadwood, for God's sake, so at least he's got his head on straight. And he says things like "Yeah, that movie didn't blow wind up my skirt..." So when I start throwing that gem out in conversation, you'll know why.

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Even cute has limits

Turns out that line gets crossed right around the time your bed gets peed on.

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There was a lot of poop around NW today. Not sure if it was all dog poop, either. And it was right in the middle of the sidewalk. Is this the price we pay for living in civilization? Because poop in the middle of the woods, that's one thing. Urban poop is a completely different matter.

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