Love the method behind this new comic from Penny Arcade

Every year they do sketches when they're on the road, but the multiple layers (sketch, photo, digital) really make this a rich experience. I wouldn't mind if they did this more often.

And I love that they used the hotel stationary. Love it.


Zooey Deschanel is adorable and strange

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One more tic on the great board

I just called my state representative for the first time. Net Neutrality and Google spurred me to action.

Yes... I'm aware that activism without further research is a little sketchy, but it's my first time so let me keep the training wheels on a little longer. I'll even share.

If you choose to act, here's some helpful instructions I wrote up after having to blindly wing it - Google not having given me any context for the number to call.

1. Call the number they give: 202-224-3121

2. Ask to speak to your representative. The operator will ask you for your zip code if you don't know who it is.

3. When you get to the next human, tell them something to the effect that you support Net Neutrality and want your rep to "vote a for free and open internet."

3b. (optional) :: Insert crazy rant here.

4. You get ticked down on the great board and (if the person is nice) they will thank you for calling to voice your opinion.

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Life imitates marketing


Just found this link on Cnet about a guy who "drew" his self portrait by sending a GPS system in briefcase around the world.

The result:

(click image to view the site)

Of course, those who love awesome marketing, have already met Stavros, the Master of Position Art.

TheWorldIsMyCanvas.com has been up since mid February at least. This new project was launched mid-march. The artist's site makes no mention of Nokia's effort as an inspiration or a sponsor. Very curious timing.


People aren't making a correlation between this effort and Nokia, but they are calling it a hoax: Read the article

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Friends in high places

I made an appearance* at the Stumptown Comics kick-off party last night. My friend Aron Nels Steinke did the poster and also had a story in this free little collection "Nerd Burglar."

I always love his stuff. I don't think I'm smart enough to figure out why I love it so much... something about the clean, childish drawing and his really simple storytelling just gets me. I don't think he thinks about it either. He just naturally picks great moments to put in frame. A born storyteller.

It's going to be a busy weekend trying to see everything I want to at Stumptown Comics, see my friend Russ while he's in town, get some work done and enjoy the sunshine.

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*(the phrase "made an appearance" seems to imply that my presence was expected/solicited/required... don't know if that's true)



Got turned on to this new program/service called Skitch. You can take photos or screencaps, immediately doodle on them and upload them or drag the file to email or folders on your computer. Super easy.

Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

You will probably see lots of my lovely cubicle now. My only wish is that I could tie it into a normal camera and be more mobile with it. There's got to be something like that right? A digital camera with a wireless connection? I suppose it's called an iPhone...

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We are all Twits

I don't even know why, but I've been trying to more fully embrace Twitter - just to see what might come of it.

And today, I see that Twitter has infiltrated Penny Arcade.

Welcome to the revolution.

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