One more tic on the great board

I just called my state representative for the first time. Net Neutrality and Google spurred me to action.

Yes... I'm aware that activism without further research is a little sketchy, but it's my first time so let me keep the training wheels on a little longer. I'll even share.

If you choose to act, here's some helpful instructions I wrote up after having to blindly wing it - Google not having given me any context for the number to call.

1. Call the number they give: 202-224-3121

2. Ask to speak to your representative. The operator will ask you for your zip code if you don't know who it is.

3. When you get to the next human, tell them something to the effect that you support Net Neutrality and want your rep to "vote a for free and open internet."

3b. (optional) :: Insert crazy rant here.

4. You get ticked down on the great board and (if the person is nice) they will thank you for calling to voice your opinion.

- Thank you for reading.

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