Operation: Kill Easter

From time to time, Easter has the great honor of falling on my birthday. And that might seem ok. You know, eggs, clucking bunnies...

But it's not.

See, Easter means something to people. Well, not people. Gentiles. And they RUIN my birthday with their church and their family and their hunting for boiled eggs. WELL NOT THIS YEAR!

On April 16, 2006 I will have managed to not die for 25 years. A quarter century. And I intend to make it a Big F'n Deal. But the question is: How?

Here's what I need
1. A place - I want this party to be more than my apartment, while ample, can contain. I'm thinking a venue that can contain between 50 and 100 people. I'm invisioning a loft-like space. Or a bar. Not paying would be awesome, but I don't see a way out of it.

2. A band - I want a band to play my birthday. And a DJ. The DJ I think I can swing. But band... don't know what kind of favors I can call in. I'm willing to pay something.

3. Booze - well, that's pretty self explanitory. But it does create the logistical problem of any minors attending... Do I know any young'uns anymore? Hmmm. Don't think so.

The only REAL issue left is the date. Do I throw the party Saturday night, with the impending Easter morning service? Or do I throw it Sunday night with the onset of work Monday morning, but the added bonus is I imagine Sunday evening will be easier to find a place. I am broadcasting all this for the simple reason that I need your loving guidance. Please post your suggestions.

Thank you for reading.


Lousy Smarch weather

It is snowing outside.

In March.

Not that anything will come of it, but at least it explains why I was so friggin cold last night.

Thank you for reading.


And the award for best moron in a lead role goes to...

I decided rather suddenly last week to have an Oscar party. Nothing fancy, just watching the Academy Awards with friends. Until this week I hadn't seen any of the best picture nominees and maybe only two other films nominated for anything whatsoever. I made time to watch "Capote" and "The Constant Gardner," which in retrospect were good picks.

But that's not what I'm driving at.

I had assumed the Oscars started at 8. Not so. They started at 5. I was working at 5. I, in fact, worked until 6:30. And I didn't give a second thought to my original assumption until right as I was leaving work and mentioned to someone, "Yeah, I'm having an Oscar party tonight."

"Aren't they on already?"

And my stomach dropped. So I raced home and turned on the Tivo to salvage the remains of my party. And that would have been OK. But no. Tivo was only scheduled to record three hours of Oscar. Just as the winner for Best Actress was about to be announced - literally, the words were coming out of the presenter's mouth - the Tivo stopped playing back.


I don't care about the speeches or the montage or the fashion. I care about missing Jon Stewart. The glimpse I got leads me to believe he was cool and witty - giving the show a new air of sophistication rather than pomp. Though that crap Jake Gyllenhaal had to read about "Epics" which was basically a plug for the public to keep seeing shows at movie theaters was CRAP. And did anybody else notice the "Speed" bus in said montage? You cannot put a clip from "Speed" in a montage with "Lawrence of Arabia." Thank G-d for ol' J.S. putting the spin on things by declaring they were now "out of montage clips."

It only remains to be seen how long he milks this on The Daily Show.

This is one other thing I'd like to mention: Mouse Guard. I was at the comic shop a few weeks ago to pick up some of my regulars and saw this on the new release shelf. I couldn't help picking it up and leafing through, and if you already don't understand why go back and look at that picture again. There is a mouse with a sword and cloak on it.

The story is engaging enough for the moment. It's the first issue of six, so it's really only hinting at things. But it's so beautifully drawn that I can't really stop looking at it. It reminds me of the "Serendipity" books I read as a kid. I still have and cherish a few of those volumes. In search of the Hoard-a-saurus was a favorite. And this one:

You can preview some of the pages here. Not that you need to go buy comics. I'm just saying give credit where it's due.

Thank you for reading.