Almost famous

Pardon me while I toot my horn for a minute.

While I didn't find out until Sunday, the above image of myself shooting stick at Berbati's was the lead in picture for last Friday's A&E cover story about Portland's latest late night scene. My identity was less of a give away in the paper because the photo was printed black and white (which looked HOT) and thus you wouldn't have noticed my signature red hat - which at the moment I fear I may have lost.

It was taken a week prior when I was out with friends on a completely unplanned Friday post-work bender that continued into the wee hours with me waiting some 40 minutes to get a Voodoo Doughnut. Seriously, what WAS that guy's problem? Anyway, the photographer approached me and asked my name - which having worked in "The Biz" I didn't think twice about and had forgotten it by the next morning. Though that may have had something to do with the bender part of the evening.

The funniest part about this episode is that I found out about the whole thing from a friend in New York, of all places. Apparently his Dad had told him about it and he mentioned it to me in passing when I had just called him to talk about anime and video games. So from now on I want all my news to be filtered by going coast to coast before it reaches my ears. That way all the unimportant stuff falls off somewhere around Nebraska.

But wait, there's more.

You ALL need to watch AM Northwest this Friday morning because I'll be getting my hair cut by Dayna Cakebread (best last name ever) of the Belle Epoque salon. I'm on their mailing list (dork) and she put out the call this morning for cool, scruffy guys. As I haven't had my hair cut since the last time she laid hands on it some three months ago - and she left it fairly long anyway - I'm prime for a new doo. I'm going to give her free reign, so who knows what the hell will happen.

But it's a whole makeover, not just the hair. So I get to wear hot clothes and possibly (and I don't know how I feel about this) get a facial. Anyway. That's worth working a little late this week so I can duck out early on Friday morning, right?

-Thank you for reading.