Look who's talking now

I recently switched back to browsing on Safari, as I have learned there are wonderful drag-and-drop things I can do on my Mac that Firefox can't do yet. Now, I haven't tried the beta release of Firefox 3 - if you even can. I've been too lazy to look.


However, one thing I sorely missed from Firefox was the ability to chat within Gmail.

Well, I got my chat back today. I opened up Safari and there it was. I wish I could tell a cute story of someone IMing me and startling me into spilling coffee all over my keyboard. Alas... not so much. Still, I'm pretty happy about the whole thing.

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Holy Poop!

Eric Powell is going to be in Portland on Friday night!!!

He is the artist/writer/creator of The Goon, which is rad. People should get in on it.

Bridge City Comics, 3725 N Mississippi, 6-9 pm (21+ after 7 pm), FREE


The thing that is awesome about my job

I drew this. It is being used in an actual online campaign. Of course, I had some photoshop help from the Art Director...

But still... kick ass.

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