Name my contest, get $100

Well, it's not MY contest, per say. But I'm helping to promote it. Read the copy below. Spread the word. Get the word back to mason@notsaid.com


We’re organizing a contest for writers and photographers to celebrate the spirit of Alberta St. with their art. We want to preserve and present the edgy counter-culture that’s being threatened by an influx of yuppies. It’s time for the weird and wonderful citizens of Alberta to show the world how they want to be seen.

In that spirit, we’re asking you to name our contest. Here are the questions we’re asking ourselves: What is it about Alberta St. that makes it special? What is it that needs to be preserved as Portland continues to grow?

If that helps, great. If not, scrap it. We’re looking for stuff that’s short, sharp and slightly dangerous. But mostly, we’re looking for real emotion and attachment to the neighborhood.

Submissions must be in by 6 p.m. Sept. 25 (a.k.a. Monday). Reply to the e-mail above.
The winner gets 100 bucks.

And, whatever it ends up being called, be on the lookout for the contest. First prize for photography and writing will be $500 each!


What does it mean?

I'm working on a project and need some feedback as to how this concept comes across:


What does that mean to you? Let me know.

-Thanks for reading.


Reading is for suckers. Listening is for lovers.


Join me Thursday evening at 7pm to hear Jamie S. Rich read at 23rd Ave. Books. That's him in the pretty picture with our mutual friend Catherine (or Katie, as she is known in certain circles) and some neat light tracers that I don't know how I captured.

I will tell you that it is free and that it will be awesome. The rest of the details, and other Rich-related news, you can find on his blog: Confessions of a Pop Fan. If you do not come, we are no longer friends.

-Thank you for reading.


Getting on my Soapbox

It's not a good thing when you've already been drunk and are progressing toward hung-over by 8pm, but then, that's what Soapbox is about.

This was my third year in attendance at the derby, and probably my least favorite. Not that it wasn't fun, but as many reported The Man was cracking down this year. The sorest casualty was The Gauntlet, where after the winners have been decided, all remaining cars go down the hill at once. With competitive races limited to three cars suddenly bloating to 40+, it was the surefire way to see someone eat pavement. But some whinny bastard spectator decided to file a lawsuit last year when they were injured. BOO HOO! Let's run this down: People who enjoy hurdling themselves, brakeless, down hills in heavy vehicles, while DRUNK - and there's 40 of them... you think this is a SAFE environment?!? HELL NO! Just being a spectator at soapbox is to put your ass on the line. Take that lawyer money and invest it in a membership at Bally's so next time you can jump the fuck out of the way.


I found this pic of one of the fan favorites. I'm stealing it because the photographer is much better than me.

I also found a decent video of the day's events. These people have such fast turn around.

-Thank you for reading.

p.s. So, today is 9/11. It doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but I suppose it should be. I wouldn't feel so bad having a day of remembrance from it if the event wasn't so symbolic of a painful downturn in our society.


You wanna be starting something

I got a package yesterday - which I was instantly excited about, because it's always my roommate that gets all the good mail. But it turned out to just be copies of the Oregon City News and the Clackamas Review in which the story I wrote was published, on the bottom fold of the front page, no less.

A few weeks back, I mentioned meeting my high school journalism instructor. This story was the first fruit of that meeting. It was a relatively short profile on Reggie Houston, a local jazz vocalist and saxophonist. Really interesting fellow, actually. It was hard to pick a coherent line through the material I gathered in our three hour interview. I felt pretty rusty when I actually sat down to write it and wasn't sure how pleased I was with the result. But the editor and my ex-prof were happy. I just re-read it today and, you know what? I am too.

I had another ancient acquaintance meeting this week... with a childhood babysitter. He, now grown and married, works at nonbox advertising, a name strikingly similar to my own notsaid. He gave me some really good pointers on ways to approach this job search of mine and market myself. Apparently, in the ad world, you can just make stuff up and show it to people. It's just the creativity that really counts. Who'da thunk?

So, if you have any need for some creative marketing ideas and materials, now is the time to ask me. I've got the juices flowing. I've already set my mind to helping my friend Angel with her new Local Music Night at The Sapphire Hotel. I have a couple good ideas for that. And I'm working on a pitch for this physical therapy clinic which my Belize clients recommended me to.

Things = looking up, but ever so slightly.

I could still use that one chance to break through. Seriously, guys. What's the hold up? (smiles)

-Thank you for reading.